Captasys is a proven system that optimizes the operation of dust collection systems of any size. It includes automatic blast gates, one or more variable speed drives for the blowers speeds, pressure controllers, operating sensors on production machines and a centralized control system.

The control system allows the opening and closing of blast gates according to production activities, controls startup and flow of the main blower, ensures proper management of transport speeds in the conduits in accordance with applicable standards and adjusts the suction pressure system, all this being done in a fully automated manner.

Thus, the dust collection system adjusts continuously it's capacity depending solely on the production equipment requiring dust collection, thus generating significant energy savings and releasing available capacity for the addition of other machines on the dust collection network. The resulting energy savings often reach 60% - 80%, as demonstrated by measurements validated by engineers working for electricity suppliers such as Hydro-Quebec.


Optimization system for dust collector



Captasys control system is designed to meet the needs of small as well as large-scale projects, thanks to its versatile and modular design, and its price adapted to the needs of the project.




- Basic command panel with the possibility to control up to 12 zones

- Ability to add up to 7 expansion modules for 12 additional zones each (total 96 zones)

- Ability to control one or more frequency converters

- Ability to manage several different collection networks

- Machine operation detection by dry contact or analog signals with adjustable detection threshold

- Adjustable closing delay blast gates

- Adjustable suction pressure control, with integration of specific pressure per equipment according too usage

- Control of the velocity of transport in the conduits

- Detection of accumulation in the conduits (optional)

- Vacuum breaker with double safety

- Indicator light for each blast gate in function

- Programming module tailored to meet specific customer requirements (optional)

- Ethernet port with integrated web interface for accessing menus and settings

- Connectivity with SQL database, SCADA, OPC server interface, etc.. (optional)

- Remote access

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Pneumatic blast gates

Our high quality, ultra fast opening, quiet operating blast gates are designed specifically for applications in dust collection. Available in sizes ranging from 3 "to 24" in diameter.

Collector conduits and NORDFAB products

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We are distributors and installers of Nordfab products, that enables us to achieve a high quality collection network that is extremely easy to install, waterproof, easy to modify when moving machinery, and all this at a cost equivalent to that of a spiral conduit network.

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Frequency converters

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Motors for variable speed applications

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High efficiency Toshiba NEMA Premium Motor

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Toshiba frequency converters

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Optimizing a dust collection system is by far the most cost-effective solution in case of lack of capacity.